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The language used to build our ERP software Tally.ERP 9 is TDL – Tally Definition Language. The entire application and the user interface, which the user interacts, is completely built using this Language.

TDL as a language provides capabilities for rapid development, rendering, data management and integration.

Domain Specific Language – TDL

TDL is a definition language. This provides the users with ‘named definitions’, which allows them to specify a set of properties/attributes for those definitions.

Action Driven Language with Procedural Capabilities

TDL is a completely action driven language. Actions are triggered based on events which can either be user or system driven. The procedural elements are incorporated into the language which can be used for flow control, looping, conditional computation and object data manipulation.

Completely Object Oriented

TDL is a completely object oriented language. Whether it is an interface, data, integration, procedural or a styling element everything is an object. An object defined once can be reused and modified to have additional properties of its own along with existing properties/attributes making it a flexible language facilitating the rapid development and deployment environment.